Official WooCommerce Hosting: Should You Use It?

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You want to build an Ecommerce store and you finally chose WordPress and WooCommerce as the software to run it. Now you need to find a web hosting company. Oh, while navigating on WooCommerce’s website you come across the official WooCommerce hosting. Should you use their trusted partners? In this article I’m going to review […]

How To Buy A Domain Name For Beginners

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Do you have interest in getting a domain name? Does the process seem confusing after doing your research? That’s understandable. There are so many websites offering to help you get a name for your website, be it for free or for a nominal fee, but should you trust them? I wrote this article to help […]

You Need A SSL Certificate For Your Entire Website

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I spend a good amount of time on the Internet doing research and I come across websites owned by major companies to sole individuals. I usually discover one or two that do not employ SSL certificates for their entire website daily. Many only secure their sign-in pages and/or their cart/checkout page. Although that is fine, […]

Dedicated Server Hosting: The Right Choice For Your Website?

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The most expensive out of all the web hosting options is Dedicated Server Hosting. That’s because it offers the best performance and total control of the server. However, is this the right choice for your website? Let’s review the pros and cons. What Is Dedicated Server Hosting? Here’s a quick overview about this type of […]