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BLK & Bold | Black-Owned Coffee & Tea Brand

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For the entire month of February I’m covering black-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month. Today I feature BLK & Bold, a coffee and tea brand which believes in quality, convenience, community, and diversity.

What Is BLK & Bold?

BLK & Bold is a coffee and tea brand who sold in various retail store across the United States and online. Certain restaurants and coffee shops throughout the U.S. sells their coffee and tea too.

Founders Pernell & Rod created their beverage company to not only share their love of coffee and tea but to give back to their community. The company donates 5% of their profits to “initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness.” The company lists the various programs their donations help.

If you visit BLK & Bold’s online shop you can buy the following:

  • Coffee beans and ground coffee
  • Steeped coffee
  • Loose-leaf tea

However, you can find their products on Amazon, Target, and select Target and Whole Foods retail locations.

Finally, if you enjoy their coffee and teas regularly it’s more economical to sign up for their subscribe & save program. This way you won’t run out of BLK & Bold’s beverages. In addition, you can pick your delivery date and frequency.

I love a good, dark cup of black coffee which is the reason why I featured this brand on my blog. My local Target sells their coffee and I’m going to buy a bag to try it out.

How To Contact BLK & Bold

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Naomi Lane
1 month ago

This sounds like an amazing company. I wish more big firms would give back to their community like they are. Their youth initiatives donations are commendable.