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Black-Owned Businesses: My Focus For Black History Month

black-owned businesses

Today starts Black History Month and I want to cover something related to the month on my blog for the entire month. However, I wasn’t sure what to write about. Last year I covered lesser-known individuals in Black History since people tend to focus on the “greatest hits” throughout the month (MLK, Jr., Rosa Parks, etc.). Then the idea hit me: I will focus on black-owned businesses for the entire month.

Why I Will Focus On Black-Owned Businesses

For one, I want to offer free marketing for these businesses. Advertising is expensive and some black-owned businesses will not pay for it because they don’t have the funds. Or if they do advertise they use free ways or “old-school” ways like businesses cards, word-of-mouth, or using flyers.

Second, since many people get their recommendations from social media and/or websites now, I want to bring more attention to black-owned businesses using my website. It’s my help of helping out the community since I’m black.

Finally, I’m working to become a black-owned business and I’m networking within the community. Not only do I want to do well but I want others to succeed too.

I’m A Black-Owned Business Owner And I Want To Be Featured

You can use my contact form on the Contact Brittany page or email with your information. Please provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Website URL
  • Email address
  • Social media links for your business
  • A description of your business
  • Your bio
  • A link to your profile picture and/or pictures you want featured in the post.

I’m publishing a post per day. I will email you at least 48 hours beforehand so you will have time to publicize it.

If you are not a black-owned business but know one that you want to suggest to be featured, you can contact me too. Please provide the information I requested above.

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Naomi Lane
1 month ago

I think it is wonderful that you are supporting black-owned business by offering free advertising on your site. What a great way to take initiative for black history month!