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Today I’m taking a break discussing lesser-known individuals in Black History to discuss my web app: Black History Facts Generator. It fits in perfectly with the theme of this month!

Black History Facts Generator: What Is It?

It’s a website displaying a random Black History fact after clicking a button. With my new redesign, I included a slideshow of pictures I took when I visited the National Museum of African American History & Culture in June 2019.

The URL for the website is

Black History Facts Generator: How Did I Build It?

It’s a web application written in Python 3 using the Flask web framework for behind the scenes, and Bootstrap for what displays on your screen.

I chose Python as the programming language because it’s what I know well at the moment. Also, I love the simplicity of the language. In regards to other programming languages I know (a little Java and JavaScript), I rather work with Python.

As for Flask, I chose to use this to translate my Python code for web development because it’s small and easy to use. I tried using Django before and didn’t like the complexity involved in the technology. However, that doesn’t mean Django is bad; I think it’s suits certain applications well.

Finally, I chose Bootstrap to control all of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements because its focuses on mobile devices, which is used more than desktop to access websites.

All of the code for this website is available on my GitHub account. However, the images aren’t available there, as I didn’t want to clutter up the repo.

My Inspiration Behind This Website

The inspiration behind Black History Facts Generator came from me manually tweeting Black History facts on Twitter in 2018. It was during this time I taught myself Python.

Using my new-found skills, I created a local program to display a random Black History fact. The code is still available on my GitHub account.

After creating the program, I wanted to make a Twitter bot to make the tweets for me, but I didn’t invest the time into making the bot. Most likely work and my Python studies got in the way.

About a year later, I got the idea to create a website to display the facts randomly. I finished my Python studies and wanted to learn how to use the language online. That’s when I came across Flask. From there, Black History Facts Generator was born.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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