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A 9 To 5 Job Isn’t For Losers

a 9 to 5 job

I watch various types of videos on YouTube, and lately I’m watching videos about entrepreneurship. This is relevant at the moment since I’ve gone back into self-employment. While most of the videos I come across are thoughtful and informative, there are plenty that disparage a 9 to 5 job. These individuals basically tell those employees they are losers because they work for someone else. I’m here to tell you that isn’t true at all.

A 9 To 5 Job Isn’t For Losers Because Self-Employment Is Difficult

I saw this tweet this morning (Jan 4) from Nick Huber who sums up the risks of self-employment perfectly:

I’ve been an employee much longer than I’ve been a business owner. I’m here to tell you that being an employee is incredibly easier.

Employees don’t have to worry about payroll or finding customers. They get a paycheck whether or not the client pays on time. And they have various labor laws which protect their jobs and their lives. Finally, most employees get health benefits from their employers. See all that? You’re not a loser to choose it.

I’m not saying that self-employment doesn’t have its benefits. Right now I have complete control over my time. Yet, this freedom introduces another difficulty: Using my time wisely. Which is one of the many difficulties I’m running into throughout the day.

A 9 To 5 Job Isn’t For Losers Because They Are Great Learning Experiences

These videos can persuade people to not work for someone else and go directly into self-employment. That’s a bad move in my opinion because being an employee is a great learning experience.

You learn how to work with others. Teamwork and being a team member is something you learn through trial and error.

Next, you learn how to work within a defined business structure. Maybe your employer has a strict shift schedule with scheduled lunch breaks. Or your office can be flexible with your start and stop times. This is good to learn because certain jobs support the public or other employers and need that structure to keep everything running properly.

Finally, a 9 to 5 job is a great learning experience because employees get to see how a business operates. After working for different employers in various industries throughout my working career, I’ve seen how a good business operates versus a bad one. I saw how micro-managing damaged morale, and how owner indecisiveness cost the company money. This gave me the knowledge of how to run my business successfully.

What To Do If You Feel Like A Loser

If working a 9 to 5 job makes you feel like a loser then my first suggestion is to stop reading or watching the content that makes you feel that way.

Second, understand that many “entrepreneurs” make that content to sell you a class so they can make money. And those classes are usually not beneficial to help you create your own business, frankly. (Also, those classes usually led to more classes to buy so you spend more money.)

Finally, realize you are in a good position in life. There are unemployed people who desperately want a job but can’t get one for various reasons. Yes, every job sucks at times because we have to do tasks we don’t want to do, but the same happens in self-employment. I say be happy in your job. And if you’re not happy in that job then find another.

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