don't take internet comments seriously

Don’t Take Internet Comments Seriously


Don’t take Internet comments seriously. That’s the motto I follow and I think you should follow it too. Oh yes, I get snarky or mean comments from people on my YouTube videos, and they do make me upset, but I don’t let them ruin my day. And you shouldn’t either. Let’s discuss why. Don’t Take […]

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the taxman cometh

The Taxman Cometh So Prepare Properly


Today’s article is for all my self-employed peeps: The independent contractors, the freelancers, those working side-hustles, and everyone running a small or mid-size business. You know that payment you just got for all your hard work? Well, all that money isn’t yours. Who else has claim to that money? The taxman! Yep, the taxman cometh […]

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my journey with kombucha

My Journey With Kombucha


My journey with kombucha started about two years ago. I bought my first bottle from the store, I can’t remember which one but most likely either Whole Foods or Sprouts, because I was heavy into reading Bon Appetit then. I had a free subscription to the magazines thanks to a Google promotion and tried the […]

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